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Oakridge Pheasant Ranch

From chick to Adult

Our Pheasants Flight Pens Biosecurity From Chick to Adult

We take great care in raising pheasants from chicks to adulthood. All brooder areas are thoroughly cleaned between each generation of Oak Ridge Pheasants. Our hatchery is inspected annually by the USDA.

Our hatchery equipment is state of the art. It is maintained and upgraded to help keep our pheasants healthy and in the best care possible.

Time line

  1. Breeding selection begins.
  2. Hens nest outside.
  3. Eggs are picked up three times a day (March through July).
  4. Eggs are cleaned and sanitized.
  5. Eggs are stored in a cooler room.
  6. All eggs collected within the previous week are placed in the incubator.
  7. Pheasant Eggs
  8. After 21 days eggs are transferred into the hatching unit.
  9. Eggs hatch after three days.
  10. Pheasant Chicks
  11. Chicks are introduced to one of seven brooder houses.
  12. Pheasant Chicks
  13. Five week old chicks are transferred to a clean space to begin acclimation to outdoor life.
  14. Eight week old pheasants are put into flight pens (weather permitting).
  15. Introduction Pheasants into the Flight Pen
  16. Oak Ridge Pheasants will reach mature size and plumage after 26 weeks and are then available for purchase.
  17. Adult Pheasants
  18. Dogs are used to round up pheasants.
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USDA Inspected

"When a pheasant leaves our ranch it is important for us to know that it will be a top quality bird. That it will represent the quality and care that we are known for." Tim Zindl