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Oakridge Pheasant Ranch

Our Ranch

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Oak Ridge Pheasant Ranch, Inc. is a 157 acre pheasant farm located just outside of Watertown, Wisconsin. We currently raise 150,000 pheasants annually and strive to provide unparalleled customer service, reliability, and top quality birds.

Farm Equipment

We raise our pheasants in outdoor flight pens planted with corn for cover. These pens allow our birds to walk, fly, and roam freely within the ranch. Monitoring for undesirable pen conditions occurs daily.

Seven brooder buildings are utilized to raise chicks until they are strong enough to be introduced into flight pens.

Brooder Buildings

To keep our farm in the best condition possible we continually invest capitol in equipment such as tractors, feed carts, and custom hauling trailers. A scheduled maintenance plan insures our machinery is cared for and in good working order.


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